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At Champ Group, building lasting relationships with our clients is the key to matching the right candidates to the right employers. By working closely with you to truly understand your individual needs and requirements, we can seamlessly deliver the best people for your business.

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Labour hire

Employing people is challenging and finding the right fit can seem a daunting task. Champ Group can alleviate this stress by finding the right person for your team. Our recruitment consultants understand time is of the essence and are dedicated to keeping your project or business moving forward, delivering end to end recruitment from temp labour hire to permanent placements.
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The mining and construction industry is continuously evolving. Champ Group can help you accommodate for these changes by providing experienced trades personnel and construction workers to suit your business requirements. Our skilled and safety conscious workers available to help include:

Plant operators

Riggers and dogmen

Fitters and boilermakers

Supervising personnel

Are you gearing up for your next manufacturing project? Setting up or expanding a workshop, factory floor, or warehouse? Whether you’re onto something new or just looking to fill out an existing workforce, you need Champ Group’s manufacturing personnel. With our manufacturing labour hire service, you get a dedicated team of manufacturing workers with the skills, qualifications, and expertise to get the job done to the highest standard. The manufacturing personnel we offer include:

Production workers

General labourers and assistants

Fitters and boilermakers

Welders and fabricators

Manufacturing Personnel

Do you have an upcoming event? Looking at expanding your workforce during peak season? Champ Group can help you achieve your goal. Hospitality and tourism are diverse industries, and we source the people with the diverse set of skills for it. Whether you need tour guides in the outback or bartenders to serve apple martinis on a Brisbane rooftop, Champ Group recruits the right person for the job. Our tourism and hospitality personnel include:

Bar and wait staff

Kitchen staff

Cleaning and maintenance

Event planners

If you want to ensure work within your business runs smoothly, safely, and according to plan, hiring the right managers and management personnel is vital. We employ the management staff with the skills and experience to help your business succeed. Our management personnel include:

Project managers

Site superviors


Human Resources (HR) managers


WH&S, environment, and quality managers

Management Personnel

The people who work behind the scenes and deal with finances and numbers are essential to any workplace. We offer a range of administration and finance personnel as part of our comprehensive labour hire service. Some of the administration and finance professionals you can engage through Champ Group include:

Customer service workers

Administrators and receptionists

Bookkeepers and accountants

Human Resources (HR) and training professionals

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Where you can find our labour hire services

Champ Group’s labour hire personnel can be found working on home renovations, welding cracks on draglines, servicing motel rooms, and manufacturing concrete poles. We service many industries throughout QLD and beyond, including:

Real estate



Hospitality and tourism



Aged care


Where Our Labour Hire Services Are Available

49 Walkerston Homebush Road

Alexandra QLD 4740

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Let us find the right person for the job

To secure the right workers, with the right skill set for a job, get in touch with Champ Group. No matter your industry or business needs, our friendly team can offer the labour hire solution for you. Just call us or fill out our online form, and we’ll let you know how our labour hire and recruitment services can help you.

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Our construction and mining personnel

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As demands change in the construction and mining industry, labour hire demands change too. Champ Group has available a diverse range of skilled workers ready to meet your demands on every project.



Fixed Plant Operators


Mechanical Fitters

Riggers and Doggers


Mobile Plant Operators