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How our construction and site services can help your business succeed

Champ Group is serious about our goal to support your business’ success. That includes getting your site up and running safely and efficiently, so you can get on with what you do best. Champ is committed to providing everything you need to get started, including site establishment, project management, and more.

With multiple offices across Queensland, we can mobilise all the resources for your site, no matter how remote.

How Our Construction and Site Services Can Help Your Business Succeed

We provide:

As a multi-service company dedicated to supporting businesses of any size, we have developed a range of services ideal for major construction sites across Australia. Our site establishment services set you up for success from day one, with the temporary buildings, infrastructure, and equipment your team can work within.

Temporary fencing

Demountable buildings

Storage solutions



Potable water and waste water solutions

We are passionate about using our expertise and skills to help you plan, organise and execute construction work on sites across Australia.

Our flexible approach to business, and our specialist construction teams, enable us to complete construction tasks on schedule whilst minimising labour and equipment costs normally involved with site-based work, whilst our skilled tradespeople ensure quality and safety standards are met.

Our construction management and planning services include:

Client representation

Contract management

Supervision services

Planning and scheduling

Resource and equipment levelling and utilisation

Construction Management and Planning

Our contractor and subcontractor management services include:

Backed by our project management expertise, the Champ Group team can provide contractor and subcontractor management services to major government, mining, and private sector client construction, mining, and building sites across Australia. We understand that your time is better spent getting the job done, so we sort out all the paperwork, contractors, and resourcing for you.

Contractor onboarding

Contractor management

Consultancy services


As part of our mission to help your business grow in the best way for you, we offer manufacturing companies a streamlined solution to work. We can provide supervisors and employees to supplement and enhance your current team. Our services offer you the benefit of continuing to manage the works as best suits yourselves, or allowing us to tweak your process with modern engineering strategies that make a tangible difference.

Managed work cells:

Help improve the company’s overall process

Improve efficiency / reduce wastage

Keep costs as low as possible

Reduce wastage

Contract Cleaning Teams

Food and Hospitality Cleaning

Housekeeping Services – Linen Wash/change, Accommodation Room Cleans

Managed Work Cells

We’re serious about providing the full suite of facilities management solutions – and that includes more than servicing your interior. Champ Group understand that your home or business exterior is your chance for an excellent first impression, and we’re here to deliver it. Our expert landscapers and grounds maintenance team are here to completely revitalise your outdoor space, or simply keep it in shape on a regular basis.

Our landscaping and grounds maintenance services include:

Lawn Care – Mowing and Edging

Garden Maintenance

Tree Lopping


Retaining Walls

Champ Resources

A huge aspect of Champ Group’s multi-service solutions includes providing security and asset protection services across Australia. We organise all security personnel, camera installation, and security management services for mine sites, events, and any sized company with sensitive assets on site. We understand that losing your assets to theft or disaster is a manager’s worst nightmare, which is why we provide:

Bodyguard Services

Loss Prevention Services

Security Camera Installation

Security Patrols


Agriculture and Farming

Aged Care


Where Our Labour Hire Services Are Available

Industries we serve

Construction and site services tailored to you

Champ Group’s site services are specialised for the construction, mining, and manufacturing industries. Our experience in a range of industries, however, enables us to support you whether you’re building and manufacturing for:

Real estate




Agriculture and farming

Commercial centres

Aged care

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