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Champ Group’s fabrication and site services solutions are perfect for businesses in need of specialised steel products made to required standards.

Champ Group

Steel fabrication with quality workmanship

Champ Group are your one-stop shop for comprehensive fabrication support, with the resources, equipment, and experience to fabricate anything you need. Working with different materials such as aluminium, carbon steel, and stainless steel, we deliver exceptional steel fabrication, welding, boilermaking and installation services to sites across Australia. With our workshops situated around Central Queensland, an expert team, and quality workmanship, Champ supplies your business with the durable, functional, fit for purpose and well-made steel products you need.

Steel Fabrication With Quality Workmanship

Our site shutdown services include:

Champ Group’s site services and shutdown teams are designed to support you getting back to what you do best. With the tools, equipment, and experience to ensure your planned outages and shutdowns are well planned and run smoothly - we help you do your job without worrying about the details.

Planning and scheduling

Site preparation

Equipment supply

Shutdown teams

Maintenance and repairs

Site cleans

Transport and rail services maintenance and repairs

Do you find it difficult to coordinate maintenance during windows of down time? Are you experiencing costly delays caused by underperforming suppliers? Services that aren’t working? Disjointed supply chains? As the strongest player on your team, Champ Group understands the importance of eliminating downtime. That’s why we offer equipment repair and maintenance services that get you back up and running quickly.

Our maintenance services include:

Fault diagnosis


Body and undercarriage repairs

Wheel set, axles and chassis repairs

Electrical maintenance and repair

Transport and Rail Services Maintenance and Repairs

Our onsite welding and fabrication services include:

Whether you need insitu welding, fabrication or major refurbishments and rebuilds completed, Champ Group can sort it for you. With site teams available across Queensland and onsite welding and fabrication capabilities available, we offer a wealth of flexible steel fabrication solutions customised for your site’s needs.

Trailer fabrication

General fabrication – chutes, trays, structural steel

Storage solutions

Platform, post and handrail fabrication

Ramp fabrication

Fence and yard rail fabrication

Machinery and agricultural equipment repairs and maintenance

Our expert team ensure your machines are well-maintained for top performance, and when something does go wrong, can quickly mobilise to resolve the issue. Champ Group provides comprehensive maintenance support to the construction and agriculture industries, understanding the time requirements and cost of down time on equipment. Our support includes inspection, steel fabrication, and boilermaking for minor or major repairs to keep your machines and equipment operating at an optimum level.

Our equipment repair and maintenance services include:

Truck body repairs

Bucket repairs

Rail wagon repairs

Plant shutdown maintenance

Agricultural equipment repairs or spare parts manufacturing

Contract Cleaning Teams

Food and Hospitality Cleaning

Housekeeping Services – Linen Wash/change, Accommodation Room Cleans

Machinery and Agricultural Equipment Repairs and Maintenance

We’re serious about providing the full suite of facilities management solutions – and that includes more than servicing your interior. Champ Group understand that your home or business exterior is your chance for an excellent first impression, and we’re here to deliver it. Our expert landscapers and grounds maintenance team are here to completely revitalise your outdoor space, or simply keep it in shape on a regular basis.

Our landscaping and grounds maintenance services include:

Lawn Care – Mowing and Edging

Garden Maintenance

Tree Lopping


Retaining Walls

Champ Resources

A huge aspect of Champ Group’s multi-service solutions includes providing security and asset protection services across Australia. We organise all security personnel, camera installation, and security management services for mine sites, events, and any sized company with sensitive assets on site. We understand that losing your assets to theft or disaster is a manager’s worst nightmare, which is why we provide:

Bodyguard Services

Loss Prevention Services

Security Camera Installation

Security Patrols


Agriculture and Farming

Aged Care


Where Our Labour Hire Services Are Available


Who we serve

We offer our steel fabrication, boilermaking, and site installation services to a variety of industries and businesses. Champ Group provides custom quotes to ensure our services are specialised to your needs. From small businesses to Tier 1 companies, we service:

Real estate





Agriculture and farming

Aged care

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