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We deliver key traffic control and management solutions for small and large projects across Australia.

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Traffic management

At Champ Group, we understand that as important as traffic management is to events and construction sites across Australia, the responsibility of organising it often falls to those who aren’t traffic management professionals. We’d like to help with that.

As part of our mission to make your life easier and support your business success, we offer traffic management services that cover all your bases, hassle-free. We walk you through the process of getting traffic management permits, hiring traffic controllers, sourcing traffic control equipment, and more. Make your next road works, construction site, or event traffic management a breeze with Champ Group.
Traffic Management

What is traffic management?

Traffic management is the control of traffic caused by vehicles and pedestrians around construction sites, mines, events, and other workplaces or public areas. The goal is to keep both people and workers safe – no matter the size of the workplace or event. Essentially, traffic control ensures the safe movement of people and services.

Traffic management includes obtaining permits, traffic controllers, and traffic control equipment to direct vehicles and pedestrians safely around your site. Champ Group organises all this for you – including organising road closures, detours, and signage.

Plant Operators

Riggers and Dogmen

Fitters and Boilermakers

Supervising Personnel

Why should you hire traffic management from Champ?

Champ Group’s expert team of traffic controllers are safety-conscious above all else. While we proudly provide efficient and cost-effective traffic management solutions, we never sacrifice our number one priority – safety. We abide by strict quality and safety management systems.

If you need the following services, consider hiring Champ Group:

Footpath and road closures for an event or construction site

Creation of detours

Help developing a traffic management plan

Protection of workers and the public around your site

Why Should I Hire Traffic Management From Champ?

What do you get when you hire Champ traffic management?

We pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive traffic management service applicable to your business operations. Our traffic management services work on your site’s schedule, comply with local laws and regulations, and give you peace of mind by ensuring all the details are sorted.

We offer:

Licensed traffic controllers for events and workplaces of various sizes

Traffic controllers that are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

All the signage and equipment you require

Our expertise and experience for night works and road works

Management Personnel

If you want to ensure work within your business runs smoothly, safely, and according to plan, hiring the right managers and management personnel is vital. We employ the management staff with the skills and experience to help your business succeed. Our management personnel include:

Project Managers

Site Superviors


Quality Managers

Human Resources (HR) Managers




Management Personnel

Administration and Finance Personnel

The people who work behind the scenes and deal with finances and numbers are essential to any workplace. We offer a range of administration and finance personnel as part of our comprehensive labour hire service. Some of the administration and finance professionals you can engage through Champ Group include:

Customer Service Workers


Human Resources (HR) Professionals

Safety and Training Professionals

Industries we serve

Traffic management for your site

Our traffic management services are available to sites and events in a range of industries. Champ Group personalises our traffic management services for your business needs, and offers specialised traffic controllers and traffic management plans for:

Community events and concerts

Construction sites

Civil construction and road works

Mine sites

Traffic Management for Your Site
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  • Facilities Management
  • Fabrication & Site Management
  • Security Services
  • Traffic Management
  • Construction and Site Services


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Get the traffic management experts on your site

If you’re looking to get all your traffic management needs covered hassle-free, you’ve come to the right place. Contact the friendly Champ Group team today for flexible traffic management solutions, or to include traffic management as part of a multi-service plan.

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