OUR people

Each and every person working under the Champ Group banner is committed to a health and safe working environment. We provide training, skills and appropriate procedures to promote safe work practices for employees both on the ground and in the field.


We also value the contribution that our employees make to our business and that of our clients. Our employees are supported by our Employee Engagement and Employee Assistance Programs.

Employee Engagement



At Champ Group, our people are the most important aspect. We work hard to make sure they are looked after, listened to and rewarded. As a result, we have implemented the Champ Perkbox as a way to show our appreciation. It includes:


• 100+ exclusive discounts and freebies 

• A free lunch every month  

• A free Messina gelato every month  

• Free access to Calm – for all your meditation and wellness needs 

• Free access to thousands of bestselling books in bitesize via Blinkist  

• Super cheap cinema tickets  

• Big discounts on holiday flights and accommodation 

• Best in market gym rates 

• Discounts on groceries at Coles and Woollies  


We also make sure our employees know that their voice is heard. We run frequent anonymous surveys to listen to our team and make improvements based on your feedback.  


We want to make sure our employees’ work is recognised. We reward great output and work ethic, and encourage our employees to do the same by shouting out and thanking their teammates.  

Employee Assistance 



Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers confidential and effective solution-focused counselling to employees and their families. The aim is to improve productivity in the workplace by reducing absenteeism and the effects of stress, presenteeism, anxiety, depression and other symptoms that negatively impact the working environment. 


• While different people will seek different outcomes from the counselling process, EAP is immediate, confidential and free for the employee and can be invaluable during times when employees most need support. 


Our EAP program also provides employees with the following benefits: 

• 24/7 access to crisis counselling with qualified Psychologists. 

• Support managing simple legal matters (not against your company). 

• Financial counselling assistance from accredited Financial Counsellors to assist staff to learn how to better manage their finances. 

• Access to a highly qualified Dietician. 

• Round-the-clock access to email and live chat counselling, allowing employees to seek support when it best suits them. 

• Access to an online portal filled with useful materials and tip sheets to support employees to manage their well-being and mental health. 


An EAP program can also be a desirable employee benefit which can help to attract quality talent to the business. To find out more about our EAP Program contact your supervisor or Human Resources hr@gochamp.com.au.